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Hi, I’m Juan Mercado the owner of JM Plumbing Services, your neighborhood plumber.

I moved from Wisconsin to Virginia in the winter of 1999. It turned out to be an extremely COLD and snow-filled winter. Needless to say, my friends blamed me for bringing the cold with me from Wisconsin! 🙂

My professional plumbing career began when I went to work for a commercial plumbing contractor. In order to become a fully licensed plumber, I attended a four year, state-approved apprenticeship program. I was honored to be awarded “Outstanding Apprentice of the Year” in 2004.

“I congratulate the apprentices and their employers on their outstanding efforts and for recognizing the merits of registered apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a proven, efficient workforce development program that helps ensure a highly skilled, quality, healthy and safe workforce.” ~Commissioner of Labor and Industry, C. Ray Davenport

Over the years, many customers of mine urged me to branch out and start my own business. They gave me feedback like, “we want someone in our neighborhood, someone who is connected to the community who we can call on to help.” People were tired of being treated like a number in a franchise’s box. They wanted a more personal connection. After 18 and a half years with my employer, and with the support of my family and friends, I took a leap of faith and made the decision to start my own business.

This journey has been just incredible! I am truly grateful to all of my loyal customers and am humbled by the rave reviews I receive.

I enjoy meeting so many different people and take pride in the help I can provide them. Not only have I become a plumber to some of these customers, but I have become a trusted friend.

I take pride in my work and look forward to being YOUR neighborhood plumber.

Juan Mercado
Master Plumber
JM Plumbing Services, LLC
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Areas we service: Serving the areas of: Richmond, Chesterfield Hanover and Henrico.

For several months the faucet in our master bathroom had a small leak. I had tightened it and and it slowed, then it failed again. I turned off the faucet and that caused it to leak more. I knew I needed help. I checked NextDoor and saw the good reviews for Juan and gave him a call. After I briefly explained what was happening, he immediately told me of several things he advised I needed to have checked and he would be happy to examine. He showed up on time and began checking out the items he identified. Without going into detail, he quickly confirmed his initial thoughts and fixed the faucet and the shut off valve. As we were walking past my daughter’s bathroom, he asked how long the toilet had been running? He then asked if my water bill had seemed high and he was right. He asked to look at the toilet and after I agreed he pointed out how the flush valve mechanism were old and not sealing properly causing it to continually run. He was quickly able to fix that bathroom and the down stairs bathroom that was doing the same thing! The price for everything was very reasonable and he pointed out that my water bill should return to normal. We started talking about the age of the home and the routine things that needed to be fixed that I had changed i.e. the compressor, roof shingles and he asked about the water heater. When I told him it was over 20 years old he asked if had seen signs of aging and described several items that all sounded familiar. I asked if he had time to inspect it and fortunately he did. It was rusting in multiple locations and in need of being replaced. We discussed pricing and I told him I’d get back in touch with him. After several calls to others plumber looking for quotes, I scheduled a time with Juan for him to do it. He took care of all of the prep work and provided a very detailed list of parts and costs. Again he showed up on time and proceeded to remove and replace the unit. The proof of all his good work is that my water bill is now back to normal. I am thankful that he took the time to ask about items I hadn’t thought about and that he was able to fix them. Needless to say, I have his number ready for any future problems. – Tony G.
Tony G.

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