Juan came highly recommended when I needed my garbage disposal replaced! He is a hard worker who clearly has years of experience guiding him in his repairs! I was so pleased with his friendly demeanor, flexible scheduling, quality work, and reasonable prices that he also updated my plumbing when my kitchen was remodeled!

-Caitlin C.

Caitlin C.

When I had multiple unrelated projects in need of a talented plumber, I called Juan and he went out of his way to make time for me the following day. I told him my ideas and he had excellent suggestions to improve the project. Then he was able to quickly complete all three projects in record time. He helped me with a constantly running toilet, a bathroom sink overhaul, and an entire removal of my dishwasher so that I could replace it with a beverage center. Two of the projects were more complicated than they originally seemed, and Juan adjusted perfectly to the needed adaptations. I’ll definitely be hiring him again!

– Adam D.

Adam D.

Juan is great to work with! We consider him our “go to” plumber based on his prompt response time, repair capabilities and fair pricing. He has always been incredibly courteous and leaves the job cleaner than he found it! 

-Susan M.

Susan M.

I have called Juan on many occasions over the past 10+ years to work on everything from repairing a leaking faucet, or installing a new shower to adjusting/tuning a new boiler in my home.  Juan is always punctual, assesses the problem quickly, addresses the problem without going into unnecessary options and his work is high quality.  Juan even tells me when there’s something simple I can fix myself or will refer me to someone else who is reliable when he can’t perform the work.  He is always the first person I call.”

-Steve G.

Steve G.

I have had the pleasure of employing Juan on a number of occasions and i could not be happier with him and his work.  Every job he has done for me has been done very quickly and very professionally. He has rescued me more than once when my situation was dire, urgent, or both.  One such last minute emergency was to remove a natural gas pipe in a house I was moving out of that very day. Juan not only got the job done, but he actually went the extra mile and made some related cosmetic repairs as well!

I did not know Juan before the first job he did for me, but I now know him to be a very good plumber and a really great guy.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to know him when my recently widowed mother needed some work done. I was so relieved to send someone I could trust into my mom’s home. I could not recommend him more highly.

-Mark M.

Mark M.

We have been fortunate to have Juan replace our dishwasher, garbage disposal, & water heater, and work on toilets, sinks, showers, drains, and drain pipes.  Juan is the consummate professional. He is efficient, friendly, and cleans up exceptionally well after he works. We can’t find a price that comes close to being as affordable as his prices. Juan is the only plumber we use, as we ultimately trust his advice and recommendations and we know he won’t gauge us on price! He is the best!

-Caitlin W.

Caitlin W.

It is a great pleasure to write this post and recommend Juan Mercado as a plumber. Juan has done work for our family on numerous occasions. Each visit he was on time, had all the necessary materials and finished the job to our satisfaction. Juan is honest, friendly and knowledgeable.

-Trish F.

Trish F.

We’ve been turning to Juan for our plumbing services since 2003. He has consistently been able to quickly assess, diagnose and correct any issue we’ve had — from installing a new faucet to repairing a burst pipe, he has been our go-to for all our plumbing needs.

-Dot H.

Dot H.

Juan has assisted us with several plumbing and HVAC upgrades and repairs including new water lines, valves, and fixtures in our master bathroom shower and servicing our gas water heater after replacing/repairing a part of the heating element and gas line that had caused the water heater to malfunction. Juan has always delivered what he promised and offered us cost saving alternatives and recommendations to consider. He has proven to be extremely trustworthy and reliable and we have no issues in leaving him a key to our house to let himself in when we cannot be at home and have done so in the past. He is extremely skilled and knowledgeable and is always the first person we call for any plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work.

– Greg M.

Greg M.

Thank you Juan for all of your help over the last 3 years. As new homeowners you were able to come in and help us with some unexpected plumbing issues as well as teach us the ropes. We’ve recommended Juan to MANY friends in the area and will continue to do so and call him for all needs.

Not only are you quick and efficient, you have great rates and you’re overall just a nice guy to talk to. We miss you in the neighborhood but know your family is loving your new one!

– Amanda T.

Amanda T.

Excellent plumber!!  Very responsive, reasonably priced, and does extremely quality work.  Able to do all sizes of projects while producing consistently reliable results.  I have referred family and friends and all have been very pleased. Thank you for your services!!

– Anne M.

Anne M.

For several months the faucet in our master bathroom had a small leak. I had tightened it and and it slowed, then it failed again. I turned off the faucet and that caused it to leak more. I knew I needed help. I checked NextDoor and saw the good reviews for Juan and gave him a call. After I briefly explained what was happening, he immediately told me of several things he advised I needed to have checked and he would be happy to examine. He showed up on time and began checking out the items he identified. Without going into detail, he quickly confirmed his initial thoughts and fixed the faucet and the shut off valve. As we were walking past my daughter’s bathroom, he asked how long the toilet had been running? He then asked if my water bill had seemed high and he was right. He asked to look at the toilet and after I agreed he pointed out how the flush valve mechanism were old and not sealing properly causing it to continually run. He was quickly able to fix that bathroom and the down stairs bathroom that was doing the same thing! The price for everything was very reasonable and he pointed out that my water bill should return to normal. We started talking about the age of the home and the routine things that needed to be fixed that I had changed i.e. the compressor, roof shingles and he asked about the water heater. When I told him it was over 20 years old he asked if had seen signs of aging and described several items that all sounded familiar. I asked if he had time to inspect it and fortunately he did. It was rusting in multiple locations and in need of being replaced. We discussed pricing and I told him I’d get back in touch with him. After several calls to others plumber looking for quotes, I scheduled a time with Juan for him to do it. He took care of all of the prep work and provided a very detailed list of parts and costs. Again he showed up on time and proceeded to remove and replace the unit. The proof of all his good work is that my water bill is now back to normal. I am thankful that he took the time to ask about items I hadn’t thought about and that he was able to fix them. Needless to say, I have his number ready for any future problems.

– Tony G.

Tony G.

Juan Mercado has done several plumbing jobs for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  He is thorough and professional, fixing my issues with careful attention. Juan has also gone the extra mile–for example, a project in my backyard needed a finishing touch, not related to the actual plumbing, which was slightly beyond my ability.  Juan saw the need and took care of it without me bringing it up.

I give my wholehearted recommendation for JM Plumbing Services.

– Julie C.

Julie C.

We’re new to the area so I had no idea who to call when our bathroom sink started dripping. I felt so fortunate to find Juan because he provided outstanding service. First, he came on time and got right to work. The problem was found quickly and he explained everything in terms I understood. His pricing is incredibly reasonable. I highly recommend Juan for any plumbing issues.

– Penny M.

Penny M.

I have used Juan several times in the past to assist with plumbing work. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, prompt and affordable. That combination is hard to beat and whenever I have a plumbing issue, Juan is the first and only person I call.

– Coley E.

Coley E.

I could not be any happier with the service I received from JM Plumbing Services! He made me feel at ease right away, because he is genuinely friendly and easy to talk to. We had water dripping through our ceiling and into our kitchen. Juan knew, quickly, that it was from the old toilet upstairs leaking from its seal. He explained more about the details of toilet seals and how he could fix the leak. When I decided I would rather replace three toilets in my older house, he stopped the leak temporarily and advised on types of toilets. As soon as the toilets I ordered came in, he made the job a priority and stayed until it was complete. I am confident in his workmanship. You will be a happy customer if you chose JM Plumbing Services!

– Kim W.

Kim W.

Juan has provided plumbing service for us several times, both for repair and renovation.  From start to finish, Juan treats each job as his highest priority and provides clear and quick communications, reasonable estimates and very high quality work.  He provided recommendations on brands and styles to make sure the end result is lasting and of high quality. We have recommended him to friends who gave equally high praise!

– Eric B.

Eric B.